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Nyheter Bienner

Full with new colours, perfect shapes and refreshing varieties


We proudly present our new Biennials for the forthcoming season. Full with new colours, perfect shapes and refreshing varieties. For information on these varieties, speak to your local Area Manager.

Viola x wittrockiana F1

Delta® White with Blotch Imp.    

  • Leading pansy series
  • For spring and autumn production
  • Early and uniform flowering
  • Special surprise colours and mixes
Delta® White with Blotch Imp.


Aquilegia caerulea    

Kirigami Deep Blue & White, Yellow, Red & White, Rose & Pink, Light Blue & White, Mix

  • Programmable flowering time
  • Easily forced into bloom
  • Can be grown in a greenhouse or outdoors in a container field
  • Detailed cultivation instructions for crop scheduling available
Aquilegia caerulea Kirigami


Primula acaulis    

Sirococco Yellow, Red, Magenta, Neon Violet

  • Special colours with a fringed flower edge
  • Upright leave type
  • Flowering from January until March
Primula acaulis Sirococco

Viola x wittrockiana F1

Delta® Yellow Improved

  • Latest addition to our renowned Pansy Delta range - Delta Yellow Improved
  • Delta remains the market leader
  • Large blooms, uniformity of habit and earliness of flowering, even in low light conditions
  • For Spring and Autumn production
  • Very early

Viola cornuta F1

Rocky Pink Lavender, Jolly Face

  • A wide selection of colours to choose from in this viola series
  • For Autumn and Spring cultivation
  • Excellent garden performance
  • Compact habit and superb uniformity

Viola cornuta F1

Rocky Lime Mix, Rocky Plum Mix

  • Very well arrangement of colors within each mix

Viola cornuta F1

Deltini Neon Violet-Yellow-True White, True White-Yellow-Rose Pink,

  • Carefully chosen blended varieties which complement each other and which carry right through to the consumers' demands
  • Opportunity to suggest new trends and mixes to your customers

Primula acaulis F1

Orion Yellow with Eye Improved

  • Series for high density production
  • Compact habit and tight flowering window
  • Very uniform within the colours
  • For retail sales in January and February

Primula acaulis

Sirococco Yellow and Purple, Red Flame

  • Special colours with a fringed flower edge
  • Upright leave type
  • Flowering from January until March

Ranunculus asiaticus F1

Magic Pink & Peach

  • Very compact, no growth regulators needed!
  • Suitable for smaller pots and packs
  • Large flowers on short stems; easy to transport
  • Appealing colours

Aubrieta hybrida

Axcent™ Violet with Eye Improved

  • Impressive flower size
  • Fast growing and uniform
  • Good winterhardiness for the
  • Glacier varieties

Aubrieta Hybrida F1

Audrey™ Red

  • Early, fast growing F1 hybrid
  • Highly uniform and compact habit
  • Suitable for impulse sales
  • Deep Purple Compact: suitable for high density production

Iberis sempervirens

Tahoe™ Imp

  • Most uniform seed variety
  • Compact habit

Saxifraga x arendsii

Touran® Pink

  • Compact uniform habit, free flowering
  • Very attractive plant habit
  • Unique product compared to all competition

Phlox subulata

Fort Hill

  • Vigorous yet compact habit
  • Perfect for spring impulse sales